Landscaping Services: Expert Tips on How to Create a Focal Point in Your Landscapes

11 April 2023

When guests come to your yard, they inevitably scan the area and fixate on one prominent element. If you deliberately direct visitors to a certain section of your landscape, they can avoid concentrating on the weeds or the trash can area. While creating your landscape, you must carefully consider where you want people to look.  The first thing we focus on when we enter a space is the focal point, which is a feature that grabs our attention. This has the power to transform a typical landscape into one that is incredibly unforgettable! Here, our professional landscape designers will advise you on making a landscape focal point.

Control the Gaze of Your Visitor

We may begin in a corner, but our eyes prefer following patterns, so we naturally follow any line or pattern. As a result, by employing paving stones or a straightforward gravel walk, you can direct the visitor to your focal point by designing your paths. You should place a lining beneath your path that enables rainwater to permeate through to the soil. The gravel and stones will remain in place thanks to the permeable covering. Get to know the key elements of a beautiful landscape design to create a plan if you start your landscape from scratch. Think about the stopping locations you can place along the path and how you want to direct your visitor’s gaze.

Add an Outdoor Structure

Our next advice isn’t particularly clever, but it accomplishes the trick. If your garden has a large structure, it will unavoidably draw most of the focus from guests. A summer house serves as the focal point of any yard and offers a suitable location to escape the weather and find some shade. Choose a pagoda instead of a summer house that looks like a shed. Make areas for guests to wander around with the aid of a shelter in the middle of your garden. You could always build a simple wooden pagoda out of timber lengths if you are skilled with do-it-yourself projects.

Incorporate a Water Feature

Nothing is unique than a wildlife garden. You need a pond if this is the type of garden you want. The kind of pond you choose will depend on the design of your landscape. For example, a pond that runs almost like a stream through your yard or a raised bed with a pond incorporated in it that is then sculpted using specific flora.  Why not have a fountain or a waterfall instead of a pond? These are fantastic for a landscape since they let you add a water feature and attract wildlife, which can be a lovely sight! Learn more about how to complete your outdoor landscape with garden water features here.

A garden’s focal point can re-energise the area and draw attention away from less appealing elements. The secret is to put the focal point in the centre of the canvas, with supporting elements placed to the sides to draw attention to it.

At EB Landscaping, knowing how our client wants to use the space is the starting point in our process of designing the perfect landscape with an amazing focal point that leaves them in awe every time. With us, each garden design is a creative union of both hard and soft landscaping components, balancing aesthetics with nature to bring out the best in the surrounding environment and provide a stunning landscape focal point. Call us today at 0425 763 137, and we can make your dream garden a reality.

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