Paver Installation: A Decorative Alternative to Concreting by EB Landscaping

27 February 2024

Elevate your outdoors with EB Landscaping’s decorative paver installation in Melbourne. A stylish alternative to concrete. Call 0425 763 137 for more info!

Plain old concrete has been used for a long time for paths, driveways, and other outdoor areas.  But for Melbourne homeowners seeking style and substance, paver installation by EB Landscaping offers immense advantages over basic concreting. Read on to learn more about the versatile, durable and eco-friendly benefits of using pavers for your next landscaping project.

Advantages of Paver Installation over Concreting

Concrete is affordable and durable, but it has significant drawbacks when used for landscaping. Pavers provide a range of benefits that make them the superior choice:

•  Aesthetic Versatility and Design Options – With concrete, you’re limited to a few colours and finishes. But pavers come in a vast array of styles, colours, textures and patterns. Mix and match different pavers to create unique designs that complement your home’s architecture and gardens. Incorporate shapes like circles or diamonds for added flair.

•  Durability and Resistance to Cracking – The modular nature of pavers makes them more flexible than concrete slabs. They can shift and settle independently without cracking across large sections. Proper installation on a gravel base provides excellent drainage and frost resistance. Pavers withstand decades of Melbourne’s variable weather with minimal maintenance required.

•  Eco-Friendly Aspects and Permeability – Porous pavers allow rainwater to filter through naturally into the soil instead of running off surfaces into storm drains. Their ability to recharge groundwater makes them a sustainable choice. Concrete also has a higher carbon footprint during manufacturing compared to kiln-fired clay pavers.

Paver Material Options and Their Unique Features

With pavers, you can select material based on traffic levels, desired look and budget:

•  Concrete Pavers – Affordable and versatile, these factory-made pavers offer the widest range of shapes, textures, and colours, with popular options including slate, cobblestone, and brick pattern designs. EB Landscaping ensures meticulous installation, bringing forth a harmonious blend of creativity and craftsmanship to your outdoor spaces.

•  Natural Stone Pavers – Quarried materials like bluestone, sandstone, and travertine provide a classic, prestigious look, elevating the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. While natural stone offers unmatched durability, our expert team can help you weigh the cost against the timeless elegance it brings to your landscape design.

•  Brick Pavers – For a traditional appearance, brick pavers are a top choice, offering a timeless aesthetic with a range of rich red, brown, and orange tones. We specialise in incorporating salvaged brick pavers, infusing outdoor spaces with a unique aged character that adds charm and history to your landscape design.

•  Interlocking Pavers – These proprietary systems feature multiple paver sizes that fit together snugly without mortar, ensuring a quick and seamless installation process. While providing efficiency, it’s important to consider that shape and style options may be limited, a factor that we can expertly navigate to achieve the desired aesthetic for your outdoor spaces.

Why Choose Expert Paver Installation

Proper base preparation and paver installation expertise is critical to achieving a quality, long-lasting outcome. Our experienced EB Landscaping team handles every phase of the process, from substrate grading to final sealing. Trust us to build you a paver surface that will provide lasting functionality and stand out from basic concrete.

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