Landscaping in Bacchus Marsh: Add Value to Your Backyard with These 8 Essential Landscape Improvements

08 August 2022

To enjoy your garden more, adding creative and functional improvements is a good investment for your home and adds value to your entire property. Thus, update the look and functionality of your backyard to add value to it with these 8 essential landscape improvements. Add Swimming Pool If you have been dreaming to own a swimming pool with a more dynamic and modern look or already own an existing one and have been planning to upgrade its look, then pool landscaping is just the right solution for you. A well-planned swimming pool landscaping project is key to attaining the best […]

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Discover the 7 Advantages of Laying Synthetic Turf

27 July 2022

If you have been envisioning having a green and vibrant space that you can enjoy all year round and does not require maintenance, opting for artificial turf is the perfect choice for you if you are one of those people who have a busy lifestyle. Read on to discover more about the 7 advantages of laying synthetic turf. Cost-Effective One of the advantages of synthetic turf is it does not require constant watering like natural turf. With this, water usage is reduced thus, you can save on your monthly water bills. It also does not require you to spend on […]

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The Several Benefits of Composite Decking You Should Know About

13 July 2022

If you are looking for an environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly decking option, choosing composite decking is the best option for you. Composite decking is the best alternative for traditional timber. Composite decking offers a lot of benefits which makes it hard for timber to compete. If you are considering having a new deck built at your home, here are the several benefits of composite decking you should know about. Less Overall Maintenance Composite decking has grown very popular over the years with the many benefits that it offers. And one of the benefits that many homeowners like about composite decking […]

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What Are The Advantages of Paving and Why Is It a Great Alternative for Concrete?

28 June 2022

You may be wondering what is it about paving that almost all the houses in the neighbourhood are using pavers over concrete. They have it on their outdoor patio, walkways, and driveways, which spruced up what once was a boring outdoor area. The main reason that paving has been sky-rocketing is that it has been proven to be one of the easiest ways to complement and add elegance to any landscaped garden. The numerous benefits of paving far outweigh that of concrete. If you have been contemplating between paver and concrete, we have outlined the advantages of paving and why […]

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How EB Landscaping Utilises Mini Excavators

09 June 2022

If you are wondering how EB Landscaping utilises a mini excavator, read on to get more insight on how EB Landscaping uses this machine for. Pool Digging A mini excavatoris being utilised by EB Landscaping in their pool digging. For swimming pool projects that involve digging and excavation, a mini excavator is being used to get the work done more efficiently and promptly. Pool digging can be laborious because of the concern for narrow spaces but with the help of a mini excavator, it helps lessen the burden of maneuvering into those tight spaces. Create Holes for Tree Planting, Retaining […]

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