Merbau Decking: Reasons and Benefits Why It’s Worth Adding to Your Home

29 June 2020

Merbau is characterised as being a beautiful hardwood derived from the Kwila tree, it is categorised as one of timber species which can be found in different locations globally. You can easily spot the Merbau hardwood in geographical regions with tropical climates, including but not limited to – Queensland in Australia, Indo Pacific islands such as Fiji, Samoa, African locations such as Tanzania and Madagascar and even in India. The most common purpose of Merbau is primarily for flooring, decking, marine construction, outdoor furniture, music instruments, and more. Due to its unique aesthetic value, it can be considerably liken to […]

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Match Your Landscape Design with Decorative Concrete Pavers and Driveway

11 June 2020

The passageway to your home and the space around your landscaping can leave impressions with visitors, neighbours, and the onlookers who drive by your home. decorative concrete pavers and driveway can improve the appearance of this zone and make it amazing. Regardless of whether you need to refresh your garden or totally overhaul the vibe of your carport, decorative concrete pavers and driveways are awesome choices. Below are ways on how decorative concrete pavers and driveway can match your landscape design. Decorative Concrete Pavers and Driveway Improves Landscape Appearance Decorative concrete pavers and driveway can develop your landscape design since […]

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Perfect and Functional Outdoor Living Space Ideas for Your Melbourne Home

26 May 2020

Outdoor living spaces make us feel connected with nature, and they can help us live well in small spaces. But you may have trouble finding inspiration in areas that have long seen nothing but flagstones, concrete or turf. Outdoor design specialists know the best strategies to create beautiful, functional outdoor living spaces. Their ideas cover everything from outdoor lighting to easy repurposing tips that may surprise you. Below are perfect and functional outdoor living space ideas for your Melbourne home. Defined Outdoor Living Spaces Arrange potted plants to create and define spaces, using plants of different heights to make “green […]

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Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf and Natural Turf for Landscaping

11 May 2020

Artificial turf has becoming more and more popular for being a sustainable option because it reduces the need for water, water, fertilizer, and continuous mowing maintenance. Plus, the newest generation of artificial turf often looks good enough to fool us into thinking it’s real. However, some still think that natural turf is a better option since they are a beautiful, emotional thing, like a pool, and it has an emotional value. It makes a garden look beautiful and serene. Besides,  it might be better to grow something, rather than smother the living soil beneath it. Below are the pros and […]

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Landscaping Services Amidst Covid19 Pandemic: We Strictly Follow Australian Government Rules and Protocols

28 April 2020

Australia has reported 6,661 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 75 have died, as of April 23, 2020 (compared to 6,468 confirmed cases as of April 16). More than 466,000 COVID-19 tests have been conducted across Australia. Social distancing measures are in place, including the banning of public gatherings of more than two people and shutting down non-essential businesses. Overseas travels are banned, and any arrivals in Australia are quarantined for 14 days. Other measures, including declaration of states of emergency, have been in place. Australia is one of the richest countries in the world. However, with the global pandemic […]

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