Complete Your Outdoor Landscape with These Garden Water Features

07 November 2022

Finally, you’re taking the risk. You’ve decided to include the tranquil sound of water in your landscape, but you’re not sure where to start. Maybe you enjoyed relaxing by the lake or the ocean while on vacation. Perhaps while shopping, you were pulled to a fountain’s melody and beauty so you could rest your tired feet. Or perhaps you were flipping through a magazine and saw pictures of kids playing with fish in a pond with an ecosystem, and you imagined your own family spending time with Mother Nature.

The first step in deciding what kind of water feature to build will depend on why you want to add water to your landscaping. The following garden water features can help you complete your outdoor landscape:

Pondless Waterfall

A recirculating waterfall and/or stream without a pond is simply referred to as a “pondless waterfall.” They can be tucked away in a small area, such as an empty corner beside the entrance. Alternatively, you may design a bigger waterfall and stream that meanders through your backyard and entices you to explore more. You may either hire a professional to install your waterfall for you or buy a DIY kit to build it yourself.

Patio Pond

Have you ever considered purchasing a pond? A water garden in a container is a fantastic place to start! You can have little fish and aquatic plants in patio ponds, which can be put anyplace. You can enjoy the added pleasure of the relaxing sound of running water by adding a tiny fountain! You can quickly and easily create a patio pond and take pleasure in its distinctive attractiveness.

Ecosystem Pond

A water garden’s ecosystem pond is composed of 5 fundamental components that operate in harmony to maintain the system’s equilibrium and make up a low-maintenance experience. The five fundamental components are composed of the following: Filtration, circulation, rocks and gravel, aquatic plants and fish.

If you want to install your water garden, you can buy a pond kit or opt to employ an expert. You will undoubtedly like watching your new pond’s colourful fish swim, no matter how big or small.

Outdoor Water Fountains 

The ideal method to add a splash of water to your landscape is with a fountain! They are frequently found in kits, available in various shapes and sizes, and take only a few hours to install. A fountain is an ideal place to start if you enjoy the sound of running water in a garden. Put it by the front door to welcome guests, tuck it next to a patio or window to enjoy the calming music, or put it amid a flower bed for the birds to enjoy. There are so many possibilities.

The possibilities for including an outdoor water feature in your landscape are virtually endless. With the help of our professionals at EB Landscaping, you can be sure to find the ideal solution to revitalise your landscape with a lovely water feature that fits your demands and lifestyle. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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