Visualise Your Landscape Design with EB Landscaping

27 April 2023

Visualise your landscape design with EB Landscaping because there are several reasons to include a landscape designer or landscape architect in your landscaping project. Your main goal is to benefit from our knowledge. We are knowledgeable about the types of plants and their growth patterns. We are familiar with how decking and paving are made. We are aware of the rules and guidelines that govern land usage locally. We know the proper procedures for submitting plans to the local authorities and when doing so is required or not. The most crucial thing a landscape design expert can do for you is to assist you in envisioning the project before it is completed. Visualisation offers an unbelievable amount of value to any design.

You envision things as you want to see them in the future as you gaze over your property and consider what you would like to do with it, such as a pool here, a vegetable garden there, and an outdoor kitchen on a patio next to the house. You can measure a few things to determine whether a feature of a certain size will fit. You could draw something. Technically inclined people might even design a diagram on graph paper with each square standing in for a certain area, such as a square foot.

How Does Design Visualisation Work?

We start by doing a technical survey of your land, including ground elevation lines, so that we may determine which areas are level and which are inclined. You can then list your top priorities for us. On our initial visit to your property, you can explain your plans to us while pointing to the locations where you want to install certain amenities. You are welcome to provide us with any original sketches or drawings. Based on that, we will consider your needs and the area you have available before presenting you with a variety of spatial options, which will be represented by precisely scaled drawings or computer models.

Normally, we start with a simple plan. It will display the suggested design of your property as if seen from above, with every detail in the right proportion and coloured for clarity and realism. Afterwards, we can present you with a 3-D perspective drawing or even a computer-generated virtual model you can explore.

What is the Importance of Visualisation?

When you hire a professional to create a landscape design, you can see how the garden, pool, deck, cabana, shed, patio, or other pieces will all come together before any actual building is done. You can visualise using the spaces socially or as part of your family life once you understand how they relate. There won’t be any surprises during or after the landscaping and construction.

Give us the design or let us work with you to visualise your own ideas. Our skilled landscaping designers at EB Landscaping have the experience needed to help build your landscaping project exactly how you visualise it. We’ll sort out all the details and identify any disputes or problems. In either case, you’ll eagerly anticipate seeing the fresh sketches and models each time we meet, and you’ll be astounded by the perspective we’ll provide. Contact us today to know how our landscaping services can help you with your landscaping needs.

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