Turf Varieties and Mowing Advice

01 July 2019

Turf Varieties

There are 2 types of turf on the market which can be classified into warm and cold season grasses. Generally speaking, the warm season grasses thrive in full sun (part shade) and require less watering during the warmer months. During the cooler months this variety will go into a dormant state which can sometimes mean a slight yellowing of the colour. This variety includes Sir Walter, Kings Pride, Santa Anna couch and Kikuyu.

The colder season grasses thrive in cooler conditions and remain a lush green through the entire year. However, they do require a considerable amount of water to keep them alive during the very warm months. This variety includes Tall Fescue and Rye based grasses.



The height you mow your lawn will depend on the variety of turf you have laid. Only mow your lawn once fully established.


40-50mm – Soft leaf Buffalo (Sir Walter or Kings Pride)

10-20mm – Couch (Santa Anna)

30-40mm – Tall Fescue

15-25 – KIkuyu


The beauty of warm season grasses is that they do not grow much at all during the colder months, meaning only 6-8 months of mowing. The cold season grasses (such as Tall Fescue) will grow all year round.

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