Staining Decks

01 July 2019

Once you have built your deck it is advised to leave it for 4-6 weeks to weather before staining or oiling. This will allow the tannin to leak out (blood coloured liquid). This process can be sped up by watering the boards with a hose.

There are many stains and oils on the market, including clear oils (a bit like the old linseed cricket bat oil) and water and oil based stains. The clear oils are cheaper but this product will need to be applied every 3-6 months as it weathers more easily. The stains tend to soak in and coat the timber, giving it a long period of protection against the sun and rain. Generally speaking, this type of product should be applied every 1-2 years depending on the condition of the deck.

A lamb’s wool applicator (like a mop) is best for applying stain to a large deck. A simple paint brush is suitable for smaller decks. Most stains take 24 hours before foot traffic can occur.

Never stain your deck just after rain or just before rain. Some stains react badly with water. Keep an eye on the weather forecast.

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