Professional Landscaping Specialists in Melbourne: Hire the Right One for Your Dream Garden

02 July 2019

When engaging the services of professional landscaping experts in Melbourne, you want to ensure that the end result will be a beautifully designed, luxurious dream garden, and healthy outdoor living space. As an extension of your home interiors, your landscaped garden construction may involve such specific services such as decking, paving, natural or synthetic turf laying, bobcat and dingo digger work, water tank and irrigation system installation; retaining wall construction, fencing and gate installation. Desirable decorative accessories may include gravel nature strips, screens and espalier as well as the placement of veggie and flower planting boxes. As a homeowner, you may also need letter box and clothesline installation.

Hiring the Ideal Expert Landscaping Specialists in Melbourne for Creating Your Dream Garden

For planning and creating the ultimate attractive and vibrant outdoor garden of your dreams, that enhances your home property and lifestyle, you will need the experienced, diversified services of a team of excellent landscaping specialists. Your garden and landscape experts will offer a wide array of garden planning, preparation and completion options, including the following:

• Turf Laying and Installation. – The fresh verdant luxury of healthy natural turf, laid on newly levelled top soil, can convert the most barren looking patch of earth into an enticing green haven within a single day’s time. Natural turf usually requires from two to four weeks to become firmly established, according to the time of year and weather patterns and needs only light watering afterward.

Since the majority of warm season turf is dormant during cooler weather, it will not need mowing during these cool months. Excellent results can be enjoyed from selecting such natural turf varieties as Sir Walter and Kings Pride soft-leaf Buffalo natural turf. Other recommended types are Kikuyu and fine-leaf couch natural turf. These varieties respond best when laid from springtime throughout the early weeks of autumn.

Synthetic (artificial) turf is a practical and appealing turf choice that requires little maintenance. It offers the look of elegant, colourful, healthy real turf for the entire year without the need for mowing, fertilising and growth-enhancement agents, or watering. Especially when your landscapers install 20 mm. low-pile turf, which is ideal for balconies and golf greens, or 35 to 40 mm. pile tri-colour turf, you will think that you are looking at a healthy, full and luxurious natural grass.

• Decking and Screens / Espalier. –
Superior quality decking can transform a simple concrete or tile patio, alfresco or lawn area into a highly attractive and inviting yet very functional outdoor living space. Using the enriching lustrous surface grains, hues and textures of natural timber, your landscaping professionals will design and build a garden oasis of pure delight. Whether your choice of construction materials is natural Jarrah, Spotted Gum or treated pine for deck building, you can anticipate the great enjoyment you, your entire household, family and friends will gain from many relaxing hours spent in your new outdoor garden deck environment. If you prefer, your deck creators can build your deck of composite board make from a combination of bamboo and plastic.

The elegant serenity of your new outdoor garden deck can be further enhanced with the addition of screens and espalier. Attractive wood, metal, wire, rendered blue board or plastic latticework or slatted screens will provide privacy and block-out any machinery or lawn equipment stored nearby. Your deck garden creators can design espalier to allow climbing plants and flowers to flourish while offering outstanding elements of natural beauty as decorative additions to your new outdoor room. Ideal plants for this purpose are grape vines, Chinese star jasmine or climbing roses.

By contacting Evan and his expert team of landscaping professionals at EB Landscaping in Melbourne, you will receive top-rated advice, designs, and construction services for the new exquisite garden of your dreams. Our fine experienced team will create a luxurious outdoor living space that will completely satisfy and even surpass all of your expectations and desires for a healthy natural exterior home environment. Your beautiful and inviting new garden will amaze and delight everyone who sees and experiences its relaxing yet enlivening ambiance, charm and enchantment.

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