Powerful Landscaping Designs and Trends that Can Transform Any Garden

22 November 2019

Landscaping is among the most underrated home transformation ideas. Many would opt to renovate their interiors rather than take the time to reassess their garden situation. What they don’t know is that garden transformations can contribute greatly to the overall aesthetic of your property. Below are a few powerful landscaping designs and trends that can transform any garden.

Mix and Match

The combination of different materials can either make or break a specific design. That is why it is important that the materials you mix together complement each other. One example of a landscaping design and trend that works well is the combination of wood and natural stone. The inherent patterns of the natural stone can give life to the otherwise monotonous simplicity of wood. However, it maintains the serene and tranquil aura of the design. Other good combination that produces a lovely garden is the mix of concrete, metal or glass with plants and grass. Those combinations are often seen in modern architectural designs. They usually don’t require a huge deal of maintenance.

Trim Plants in Geometric Patterns

Plants are highly emphasized in garden transformations. Such is the reason why there is a need to incorporate them for a powerful landscaping design and trend. If your trim your plants in a shape and pattern similar to the lines of your house, you can create an illusion that your garden is directly connected to your house, thus enabling a living architecture appeal. The variation of shapes can also be appropriated depending on the overall look of your house. Simple geometric shapes can have a more cosy and country vibe while complex and de-constructed ones can be deemed as artistic surrealism. In addition to the geometric shapes, you could also go for slow-growing plants so that your trimming patterns will not be easily altered.

Minimalist or Coloured Appeal

Although it looks simple, trying to pull off a minimalist look as a way to transform your garden requires a hard work. There is a fine line between barren, empty appearance, and minimalism. That is why it is important to know which combinations would look good and which ones would ruin the entire thing. Background, plants and details are the few things to consider in creating the design. Having a monochrome background with low-growing plants and natural decking usually works well if you are trying to achieve a minimalist appeal.

Colourful gardens, on the other hand, are entirely different. Bright flowers are patterned with green leaves while they are set on accented backgrounds and pebbles. They can definitely capture the attention of passers-by while simultaneously refreshing their spirit as they look at the garden.

Creating powerful landscaping designs and trends is no easy task. Luckily, EB Landscaping can definitely take care of that for you. We only use top quality materials, products and suppliers since we do not compromise on quality. Our aim is to operate ethically, professionally and efficiently to make good on our clients’ dream gardens.

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