Outdoor Lawn Tips and Additions that Help Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

16 October 2019

A beautiful, well-designed home is only complete when it includes attractive lawns and garden areas for relaxed, inviting outdoor living and greater curb appeal. Many people enjoy planting flower gardens and doing basic upkeep for their yards, trees or shrubbery. However, most homeowners agree that they need the advice and services of professional landscaping and construction experts to achieve a beautiful outdoor home environment. Whether you have a small front or back yard with limited gardening space or spacious grounds surrounding your home, an experienced landscaping team can create the ideal natural beauty and living spaces for a luxurious, healthy and appealing home lifestyle.

Lawn Tips and Additions to Boost and Maintain Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Every home property is different, and each homeowner has specific ideas and visions for creating an attractive and enjoyable outdoor living environment. Tips and additions from top-rated landscaping professionals for enhancing your outdoor living spaces while boosting your home’s curb appeal significantly include the following:

• Lush Natural Turf. If you need a fast, reliable transformation of home lawn areas that are overgrown with weeds, plush green natural turf can be laid over newly leveled top soil to initiate the rapid growth of luxurious green grass. Within one day’s time, your weed patch will virtually disappear, replaced by the natural beauty of a revitalized green lawn. After two to four weeks, your lush, verdant grass will need only minimal watering to maintain. Best natural turf varieties include Sir Walter and Kings Pride soft-leaf Buffalo, Kikuyu and fine-leaf couch. For best results, your natural turf should be laid from early spring to early autumn.

• Durable Artificial Turf. Synthetic (artificial) turf requires little maintenance and will enable you to live amid the lush beauty of real-looking green lawns throughout the year. Top quality, low maintenance choices in attractive and practical artificial turf are from 20 mm. low-pile, which is ideal for balconies, golf greens and terrace turf, to 35 to 40 mm. tri-colour pile for replacing (and closely resembling) natural turf. Never again will you have need of a watering hose, sprinklers or a lawn mower to maintain glorious green lawns surrounding your home.

• Screens and Espalier. Durable and decorative screens can add elegant, rustic or sleek modern elements of decor to your home’s outside living spaces and gardens. These appealing screens can also have convenient practical uses. They can provide privacy or hide water pipes, hot water units, worn fencing or storage areas. Attractive screens are also helpful for separating gardens and outdoor entertainment spaces from children’s play areas and equipment. Outdoor screens are available in timber, bamboo, aluminium slat, rendered blue board or laser cut panels.

Beautiful espalier space dividers can be created by placing climbing plants and vines to grow through taunt wiring attached to fence posts or latticework designs made of timber, metal or composite materials. Ideal plants and vines to include are grape vines, Wisteria and Chinese star jasmine.

When you contact Evan and his team of experts at EB Landscaping, a landscape design and construction company serving Melbourne and surrounding areas, you will receive excellent advice and full landscaping services for your home property needs. Whether you need new trees, shrubs and plants, gardening designs and advice or beautiful new turf for your lawn areas, our team of experienced professionals will provide top-rated services. Our experts will brighten and enhance your lawn and garden areas while greatly boosting your home’s curb appeal.

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