Monica and Leanne (Altona Meadows Community Centre)

19 June 2019

Hi Evan,

Can’t thank you enough for making time yesterday to undertake those very last minute requests from us!  The invoice has been paid.

It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you.  You and your team’s professionalism and work ethic has been outstanding.

We feel you went above and beyond to make this garden project the best it could be for us.  It looks stunning and the feedback from staff and participants has been a resounding fantastic!

Could you please pass on our thanks to the guys that worked all week here, they were so friendly and respectful of the staff, participants and the centre and went out of their way to ensure that our programs and services could continue during the works.

We would highly recommend EB Landscaping and would be happy for you to use us as a reference in future.

Many thanks from us all at Altona Meadows Community Centre


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