Let EB Landscaping Help You Make Your Garden A Part of Your Home

17 November 2022

The majority of Melbourne residents desire to make the most of their entire property. When the weather is pleasant for most of the year, there is no purpose in hiding indoors. Our homes’ exteriors can be just as significant as their interiors, and organising the outdoor area can significantly improve both its aesthetic appeal and practicality. Your outdoor living spaces can have form and purpose thanks to landscape design, which also helps connect them to the protected areas of your home.

With the incredible ideas below, let EB Landscaping help you in making your garden a part of your home:

Consider an Outdoor Addition

The geometry of your home’s interior, the general style of its exterior, and its location on the lot are all fixed from the start unless you’ve hired an architect to create a custom design. All you can do is add some personal touches, choose and arrange some furniture, and decorate the walls. The rest of the property, though, is typically a blank canvas. For example, you can influence your environment more by working with landscape experts like us. You can decide what kinds of spaces to design depending on the purposes you want such rooms to fulfil. It’s similar to building an outside extension to your home to design your lot. It will give the impression that your home is bigger and encourage you to spend more time outside with your family.

Get the Most Out of Transitional Spaces

You’ll want to enjoy the fresh breezes and smell the flowers and grass while avoiding the glaring sun on bright and sunny days. Wouldn’t it be lovely to invite in a pleasant breeze on rainy days while listening to the sound of the rain without getting wet? You should also be able to see your lovely landscape inside and outside. It is all made easier by transitional spaces. Transitional spaces might be open-plan interior sections or covered, semi-private outdoor areas, depending on the shape of your home. The best of both worlds are exhibited in this kind of setting. It smoothly transitions from the artificial interior to the more natural exterior living spaces. Transitional areas can enlarge and obfuscate the architectural lines of your house.

How About a Structured Exterior?

The predetermined outdoor areas are located beyond the transitional areas. Visually and intuitively expanding the boundaries of your home can be accomplished by extending the architectural lines of your home into the environment. The discipline of your home’s interior architecture can be reflected in a series of lovely and practical outdoor spaces by applying the architectural principles of symmetry and geometry to landscape design. A landscape architect can increase your space for breathing, relaxing, cooking, and socialising. The external spaces of your property can feel like they belong to your home with the help of a well-designed landscape.

Your house is designed by a professional. Your outdoor living space can also be expertly designed. Your outdoor living space can naturally develop from your home’s geometry with symmetry and transitional areas. By using the magic of landscape design, you may extend the boundaries of your living space into the garden, patio, deck, and pool area. A wide variety of services from EB Landscaping are available to assist you in integrating your garden into your home. Call us at 0425 763 137 to discuss how we can help you carry out your plans.

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