Install Timber Decks to Transform a Backyard Area to a Functional Space

07 August 2019

Backyards are ideal places to cultivate gardens, let the children play freely, allow the pets to run at will and entertain groups of people. The latter is easier, though, when you install a timber deck. This deck lets you create seating arrangements, hang lights and have other features suitable for a festive gathering. Also, the family can hang out and read, eat or socialise easier on the deck than they can in a grassy yard.

Decks Provide a Durable Surface to the Backyard

The timber decks provide a hardwearing surface to backyards. Chairs, loungers and other outdoor furniture sit firmly on these structures without wobbling like they can in the grass of a yard. In addition, these structures last for years when professionals construct them with skilled workmanship and quality timber.

Timber Decks Are Warm and Earthy

Nothing is as warm, earthy and inviting in your backyard as a wood deck. With the intricate grain pattern showing through the stain, the timber decking fits right in with the rest of the nature in your backyard.

Different Deck Configurations Are Available

You can choose from various configurations of timber decks. While you may prefer a single-level one, there also are multiple-level ones that professionals install all the time with two, three or more levels. Select the configuration that best suits your preferences, house and backyard.

Decks Are Ideal for All Types of Backyards

Since different configurations of timber decks are possible, these decks are suitable for all types of yards from flat ones to sloping or uneven ones. Professionals can design decks to fit around obstacles or on extreme slopes. This provides true flexibility in design for you.

Choose From a Variety of Types of Timber

Decking comes in various kinds of timber with the most popular being the following ones:

• Treated Pine
• Spotted Gum
• Jarrah
• Merbau

You Can Choose the Colour of Decking That Best Suits Your Home Décor

To enable you to complement your house’s décor appropriately, you can choose the colour of stain that the professionals apply to your decking. The shades of stain range from light ash to walnut or darker with plenty in between.

For additional information on how installing timber decks can transform a backyard into a functional space, and the types of decks that are available for your consideration, consult with EB Landscaping. We use quality timber, designs and workmanship to create the right deck or decks for your needs and preferences. Our decks offer years of durable enjoyment to our clients.

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