Important Qualifications of a Landscaping Contractor in Australia

20 August 2019

It is important to you that your home looks nice inside and outside. You may want to hire someone to keep your yard looking attractive. If you hire a landscape contractor in Australia, you will want to be sure that they have the necessary qualifications to perform the various tasks that are important to maintain your yard. Many landscape contractors in Australia have extensive experience in different aspects of creating beautiful outdoor spaces.

Training and Experience

A landscape contractor in Australia might spend one to six years in training. They might take classes related to landscaping at a university. Prospective landscape contractors can receive certificates in subjects related to landscaping such as horticulture and landscape construction. The training they receive will enable them to successfully perform a number of tasks related to landscaping.

The training phase of becoming a landscape contractor would consist of working under an experienced landscape contractor. The trainee would learn how to perform basic functions of landscaping by watching others carry out these functions. They would later perform these tasks themselves while being supervised by a landscape contractor.

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

A landscaping contractor should understand lawn care. This includes knowing how to use pesticides safely. Other duties of a landscaping contractor may include weeding and fertilizing. Performing these duties does not require a license.

Landscaping contractors might also maintain hedges.


A qualified landscape contractor will know which plants do well in the Australian climate. They can help you design a garden full of plants that will flourish and look attractive in your yard.


A landscaping contractor who works in the state of Victoria needs to register as a limited domestic builder. A domestic builder license may limit them so they can perform one class of work related to building such as constructing structural landscaping, building non-habitable structures or building fences.

Other Australian states have different requirements for landscaping contractors who build structures or fences.

A building permit is required if a landscape contractor constructs a deck on your property.

Some landscape contractors will install screens and not build structures. If they are installing screens and not building structures in the state of Victoria, they do not need to register with the Victorian Building Authority.

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