Important Landscaping Features Every Property Owner Must Consider

14 February 2020

Oftentimes, landscaping activities are done only when the outdoor space looks outdated or untidy. As a result, there is a tendency for some important aspects of landscaping to be overlooked. In order to avoid such incidents, below are some important landscaping features every property owner must consider.

Using the Right Soil

Before anything else, make sure you are using the right soil type for your property. When you’re planning a major project, you want to have good soil to work with. There are instances wherein you will find a lot of clays that are deceptive, so you might be planting in clay when you need a fertile, sandy loam with organic content. Although you may have soil that is black in color, it may not be fertile. Ensure that you’re setting your plants up for successful growth with the right soil. A simple way to find out if your soil type will allow your plants and flowers to thrive is to take a sample to your county agricultural extension agency or consult a landscaper.

Assess Sun Exposure

You don’t want to put a shade plant in the sun and a sun plant in the shade. And you don’t put some ornamental grasses in deep shade, where they require sun. You can even see in some cases, with some plants that require sun, there might be a row of them, and then the plants go underneath a canopy — all of a sudden, it’s stunted growth, and you’ll see evidence that some things respond to photosynthesis.

Zone Recognition

For each plant, there have been tested ‘hardiness zones,’ so if you have a plant you think is really wonderful in a certain area — and you want to plant it in another area, you need to consider if the climate and zone is appropriate before doing so.

Adequate Drainage

Make sure you have somewhere for the water to go. Landscape architects often solve drainage problems by using French draining beds – a perforated pipe placed deep with a pea gravel base around it so that if you get saturated conditions, the water does not sit there and cause mildew or a situation where the plant could actually drown. He also suggests being aware of slopes on your property and of any drainage you have around the base of your home.

Consider the Roots

Lastly, what most homeowners fail to consider is the importance of respecting existing root canopies. More often than not, people plant beds around bases of trees, not realizing they’re taking a lot of nutrients from an existing tree. Although a mature tree may not die for a couple of years, it may be affected in a third year from competing with other plant material too long.

Considering important landscape features is not an easy task. Luckily, EB Landscaping can definitely take care of that for you. We only use top quality materials, products and suppliers since we do not compromise on quality. Our aim is to operate ethically, professionally and efficiently to make good on our clients’ dream gardens.

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