Hire Landscape Design and Construction Experts for Effective Turf Laying

06 November 2019

Turf laying is the most convenient approach in creating a new lawn for your home. You can simply lay it at any time of the year and you will have an almost-instant lawn. However, in order to achieve a really effective turf laying, you must hire landscape design and construction experts. With their training and skills, they are more knowledgeable in this area more than anyone else. Rest assured that your own lawn will be just how you pictured it – even better, perhaps. Below are the steps on how you can properly lay your turf for a better looking lawn area.

Ground Preparation

Hiring landscape design and construction experts will ensure that your ground is adequately prepared for the turf laying. They will expertly remove the former existing turf by carefully slicing what is underneath the turf using a spade. It is essential that you seek professional help for larger areas since you need a specific machine such as a purpose-designed turf cutter to do the job. You should also be able to clear the area from stones, weeds, old turf and other debris.


In order to properly lay the turf, landscape design and construction expert must level the surface in a way that is firm but not at all compacted. Their expertise would enable them to tread the ground in a light manner so that they can tell if there are remaining soft patches that need to be levelled and smoothened.

Actual Laying

It is important that the turf be laid as soon as possible – ideally it should be well within 24 hours. Landscape design and construction experts have to use boards for turf laying or planks so that they can have a pathway to walk on in order to avoid stepping into your new turf. After that, they will place a pre-turf fertiliser on the ground to refresh it. They will start off the task by unrolling a certain strip of the turf around the perimeter of the lawn. These landscape design and construction experts know full well that using small portions at the edges will leave them dried out so they must ensure that what is underneath the new turf is in direct contact with the ground.

Afterwards, landscape design and construction experts will now purposefully lay the succeeding strip along the longest straight run while consistently continuing on the rest of the lawn in an across manner. They must be able to produce a pattern like the one in brickworks. Then they must butt adjoining edges and ends against each other, also making sure that the turf they are laying are not at all stretched. Lastly, they must keep in mind that the overlapping pieces and edgy strips at the ends of the rows must be trimmed down by a sharp knife or a half-moon lawn edger.

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