Common Features in Outdoor Areas You Might Want to Consider

08 April 2020

Creating an outdoor space results in additional living space that can increase the value of your home.If you live in an area where the weather allows outdoor living throughout the year, an exterior entertaining space can be of even greater benefit to your family or can be a particularly good selling point, if you are considering putting your home on the market at some point in the future.

Barbecue Island or Grilling Area

Once you have a general layout of which features will go where, you can plan to run utility lines to the appropriate areas in your yard prior to beginning your build. This is also when you should be looking to the future for what you might add at a later date.

For example, if the BBQ island of your dreams is not within your budget right now, you may need to opt for a more affordable option, such as a portable grill. However, if you plan to add that BBQ island at some point in the future, you should go ahead and run the utilities you will need to that area. This might include a gas line or electrical wiring, as well as a water line and sewer, if a sink is part of the plan.

Water Features

Water features, wet bars, mini refrigerators, lighting, speakers and anything else that will require electrical wiring, a gas line or plumbing needs to be considered at this point, and the appropriate utilities need to be set up before you begin installing synthetic turf, paving stones, or other flooring and ground cover options.

Day Beds

Day beds can make outdoor living spaces even more fun and functional. Adding a cosy spot where you can curl up with a good book, cuddle or catch an afternoon nap is the perfect way to make your patio or a quiet corner of your backyard more inviting.

Of course, you can create an actual bedroom with walls, a ceiling, electricity and a door for privacy by installing a yurt, building a summer house or converting a shed. However, what most people want is to simply create a comfortable space with a bed — and maybe a side table — for reading, napping and occasionally sleeping under the stars.

Bench Seats

However big or small your outside space and whatever your taste and budget, there is an seating option perfect for you. Perhaps you’re looking for a spot for an evening drink à deux, a place to lounge or an area that will accommodate the whole family for lunch. Browse for bench seats ideas to help you decide what will work best in your space.


Paving materials are a great surface for any outdoor area. They come in a wide range of styles, shapes and colours to suit styles from traditional to contemporary.


When it’s time to start planning your home’s exterior design, outdoor deck ideas are some of the first things to consider. It goes without saying that deck is often the statement piece of the backyard. The often visitors’ first impression of the backyard and and it is where many people spend the most time. Since the outdoor deck plays such a key role for your exterior, it’s very important to give your design ample thought before diving in.

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