Artificial Turf Installation with EB Landscaping: What You Should Know

23 August 2022

The days when artificial grass was exclusively considered appropriate for sports fields, sports facilities, gyms, sidewalks, and other places are long gone. Today, for various reasons, even homeowners prefer artificial grass over natural grass.

Since artificial turf is a low-maintenance and environmentally friendly option for homeowners, it has grown in popularity recently. Additionally, it raises the value of your property, which is beneficial if you intend to rent or sell it in the future. Homeowners are, after all, always delighted and more drawn to value-added homes since they are aesthetically pleasing and help them save time and money.

There are a few factors you should know first before deciding to install artificial turf on your lawn.

Your Climate Situation

Artificial turf might be a fantastic option for homes if you live in a dry, sunny climate location. However, artificial turf might not be a superb option if your house is situated in a region with heavy snowfall or rain.

Furthermore, artificial turf will need some sunshine even though it doesn’t need direct sunlight to keep healthy. Artificial turf might not be a viable alternative for your lawn if it is mainly in the shadow or might require additional maintenance from you.

Know The Type of Turf That’s Best for You

There are numerous varieties of grass that may be bought. Finding clothing that matches your environment and particular style is now simpler than ever. The most important factor to consider is what you intend to achieve with the area. This will determine the blade structure of your artificial turf. Playgrounds, dog runs, shelters, and daycare centres are just a few applications for a range of blades.

You have a variety of alternatives with artificial turf to match your unique needs. When establishing a synthetic lawn, speak with experts in artificial grass like EB Landscaping to ensure you have the suitable grass for the job.

The Size of Your Lawn

Installing artificial turf might be a substantial financial commitment if your lawn is vast. However, the price of artificial turf can be less expensive if you only have a tiny lawn. Knowing the area’s size before installing artificial turf will help you estimate how much money you’ll need.

Your Drainage System

Make sure you have a suitable drainage system in place before you lay down your artificial turf. Like real grass, artificial grass can get flooded.

Many of these drainage channels are constructed using compressed aggregate. The usage of this base layer, which may be more efficient than actual grass, may improve drainage. Make sure this combo is level before you lay down your grass. This combination of strength and the right composition causes water to flow where it is applied.

The Type of Soil

Most soil types may support the installation of artificial turf, while sandy or clay soils may shorten their lifespan. EB Landscaping can give you advice if you’re unsure of the sort of soil you have.

With EB Landscaping you can ensure that you will have the right artificial turf installed that is perfect for your beautiful lawn. For more information and for all enquiries, please feel free to browse our website and contact us at 0425 763 137.

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