Your Guide to Proper Installation of Gravel Nature Strips for Your Landscaping

27 January 2022

If you plan to plant on your nature strip, you need Council approval. This requires submitting your application and planning for approval. To streamline the approval process, you should find out about planting requirements, minimum clearances, and the approval process.

What requirements do I need to follow?

Nature strips provide colour to a streetscape with functional space for infrastructure, services, parking and visibility at intersections. We support the greening and beautification of nature strips as long as the aspects of the space is maintained. To make sure this happens, you will need to adhere to the nature strip planting requirements and get approval before starting work.

Planting requirements

To find out what plants are recommended for planting, read Recommended species list for Nature Strip Planting. Use drought-tolerant indigenous ground covers, shrubs and grasses available for purchase from the Bayside Community Nursery or other indigenous plant nurseries.

At least 0.5m from the back of the kerb is kept clear to allow people to enter and exit their vehicles and properties safely. Plantings on corner blocks within 9m of an intersection are limited to ground cover plants only to ensure a clear line of sight for motorists.

Adequate space is provided for placing rubbish and recycling bins for collection. A minimum of 1.5m from the property line is clear to allow for pedestrian access, mail, paper and other deliveries.

Plants are pruned to a maximum height of 0.6m at all times. The permitted gravels and mulches are fine gravel mulches such as compacted washed granitic sand or similar, pine or hardwood chips 12mm to 25mm in size

Where to put gravel or mulch?

It must remain on the nature strip and not be allowed to spill onto the footpath, driveways or in the kerb and channel. Levels must not extend above the level of the footpath or kerb. It must be maintained in a weed-free condition. Items not allowed on the nature strip are Synthetic turf, Letterboxes, Irrigation, Rocks, Items that obstruct the safe flow and vision of pedestrians and traffic.

Minimum clearance requirements

The planting zone is a minimum of 1.5m clear of your property boundary, a minimum of 0.5m clearance from the back of the kerb. Plants are to be no higher than 0.6m.

Nature strip requirements

Approval process

Create your plan and submit your application to us

Find out the location of all underground services by contacting Dial Before You Dig. Create a landscaping plan showing all proposed works and submit it to us with your completed application form.

Commence works safely

During landscaping works on the nature strip, you or your contractor is responsible for overall safety. While the landscape works are in progress the site should be signed and barricaded to ensure public safety.

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