01 July 2019

How do you eradicate weeds completely? You can’t! But you can make it tough for weeds to grow on your property. There are a number of things you can do to battle the constant invasion.

Weed infestations usually come from seeds that blow into your garden that reach the soil in between grass blades, pebbles, mulch, cracks in the concrete, gaps between pavers, etc. There can be creeping weeds, that once have become established infest garden beds and lawn areas as well. It is vital to get to weeds before they take a hold! Too many people let weeds go until they are fully thriving in their garden. The secret is to start early and gradually chip away.

Whilst weed mat will help retard weeds on most occasions, sometimes the roots penetrate the weed mat such is the determination and resilience of these pests. Weed mat is one of the tools you can use, but should not be the only tool. Spraying weeds with a weed poison is a very effective way of controlling weeds. There are pet and environmentally friendly products on the market. Spraying weeds should only take place on still, sunny days and not before or after rain. A heavy dew can also lessen the effectiveness of the poison also.

Weeding lawn areas can be tricky as you don’t want to kill your lawn as well. There are many selective poisons on the market now that will kill the weeds and not your lawn. Your local nursery or Bunnings should stock these products.

If you want to pull the weeds out by hand make sure you purchase a weeding fork. It is very important that you loosen the soil around the weed to ensure that the roots come up as well as the weed. If the weed snaps and the roots remain in the ground the weed will grow back bigger and stronger.

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