The Different Uses of Retaining Walls

30 September 2019

Retention or Retaining walls are hard landscape elements to hold soil in place in various types of landscape situations. They can be both functional and attractive with the right design. Materials that these walls contain vary, but some examples are types of stone, concrete and brick. To help you know whether these structures are right for your property, we provide you with a list of possible uses for these walls in the following.

A Retaining Wall Prevents Soil Erosion on Slopes

One of the top uses for retaining walls is to keep soil erosion from happening on sloping terrain. When these walls are placed securely in strategic locations in this type of landscape, the soil cannot wash or move downhill.

Use in the Formation of Raised Gardens and Flower Beds

Retention walls also can create raised flower beds and gardens. Just have professionals build them to the height that you wish these cultivation areas to be for comfortable tending without excessively bending over to perform this task.

Turn a Pool Area into an Outdoor Oasis with Retaining Walls

Create a magical landscape for pools with plantings and even waterfalls with the help of retention walls to section off the necessary areas. Typically, various types of stone are used for this use of retention walls.

Change Direction of the Water Drainage

If water is draining on your property in an undesirable direction, retaining walls are useful for channeling it to where you want it to go on your property. You can line drainage trenches with stone, concrete or brick to capture and direct the water to a better location than where it drains to at present.

Install Retention Walls to Provide Privacy

Many property owners build retaining walls to prevent the neighbours from viewing their activities. Walls for these purposes will need to be taller than the other ones in this information. Local laws may have height restrictions, so check them out before proceeding if this use suits your purposes.

Use Retaining Walls to Add Visual Appeal to Your Property

On top of the above uses, you can simply use these walls to add decorative touches to your landscape to enhance its visual appeal. There are unlimited design options for this purpose, including different stone options, brick structures and concrete walls, but you also can embed decorative glass and other elements in these materials.

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