Spring Season Garden Maintenance and Upgrades You Should Not Miss

11 October 2019

Here in Melbourne, Australian, spring is the perfect time to perform garden maintenance and upgrades in order to prepare your property for the rest of the year. To ensure that you receive optimal results with these tasks, it is advisable to hire expert assistance. Luckily, there is no need to search any further than our company, EB Landscaping, for professional help. Read on to learn about the services that we can provide you this spring that you should not pass on for the sake of your property.

General Garden Maintenance

We perform general maintenance on your garden areas that includes clearing out spent plants and any accumulated debris, preparing the soil for the season and planting new flowers, shrubs or other plants.

Excavation Services

At times, your landscaping may require excavation to accomplish your planned upgrades. Our company handles this with our services for bobcats, dingo diggers or other necessary machinery.

Installation of Irrigation Systems and Other Water Elements

If you are similar to other property owners today, you would like to enjoy the benefits of an irrigation system or you may need a water tank or some type of water feature installed. We handled all three proficiently.

Turf Installation

Whether you are interested in artificial or natural turf, we will install your choice. Artificial or synthetic turf is ideal for balconies, patios and golf greens, and it stays green and beautiful all throughout the year. From a distance, it also looks like real grass turf. When you want the real deal, our lush natural turf is laid over freshly prepared and levelled topsoil. It is a quick way to transform a bare or weed-laden patch of soil into an attractive oasis. In about two to four weeks, your turf will be well-established.

Decking to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Adding a deck to your property is an ideal way to enhance your enjoyment of the outdoor areas of your property with family and friends. EB Landscaping offers treated pine, Merbau, Jarrah, Spotted Gum and composite boards as choices for decking materials.

Other Upgrades That Our Company Provides

• Retaining walls to prevent erosion, to build raised garden beds or just for decoration
• Concrete services from our company range from cleaning present concrete to new concrete or expose aggregate features
• Screens for privacy or hiding unsightly objects made from bamboo, timber, aluminium slats, laser cut panels and more options

Browse through our website or contact us to learn more about the spring garden maintenance and upgrades that you do not want to miss. When you are ready, we will come out and analyse your specific location, needs and preferences before issuing you a quote.

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