Small Backyard Garden Ideas for Your Bacchus Marsh Home

26 May 2022

Beautifying your backyard garden does not require a large space. You just have to look for innovative garden ideas that can suit your small backyard. Backyard garden hacks nowadays are becoming unlimited, it is just your backyard space that is limited. So, do not allow your small backyard space to stop you from achieving an amazing backyard garden. Here are some small backyard garden ideas for your Bacchus Marsh Home than will spruce up your backyard space.

Create Vertical Gardens 

Adding vertical plants help you create a visual illusion of a spacious garden than going for a horizontal garden concept. A horizontal garden can take up so much space and increases visual clutter than reducing them. Vertical gardening is a small backyard garden idea that is preferred in soft landscaping to help in the framing and to separate every corner of a garden.

Enhance Your Lawn with Groundcovers

When landscaping a small garden area, enhance its look by incorporating groundcovers in your lawn and make it feel less claustrophobic. Not only that, groundcovers mean you can get away with mowing. Groundcovers are a good lawn substitute and a low-maintenance alternative.

Use Foldable Garden Seating

A garden would not be complete if there is no garden seating to lounge on. Having a small backyard space should not discourage you to put any fixture that you likebecause you can always find an alternative way to achieve your design concept. For your small backyard, we recommend putting a foldable garden seating to maximise your outdoor space. A foldable garden seating will not only give you a flexible space but also completes your garden design concept.

Raise Plantings

Another garden idea for your small backyard is to raise your plantings. Adding fixtures to raise plantings like walls or planters can help make a pretty background and contributes to making your space look spacious. Raising your plantings allow more space below them to put some plants or other landscape designs.

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