Planting Trees

01 July 2019

The first thing you should do isread the instructions on the label attached to the tree. There is important information regarding the conditions the tree requires for healthy growth, including sun exposure, mulching and soil requirements.

The standard procedure for planting any tree is to dig the hole to 1.5 times the depth and width of the pot, back fill with some good quality soil and some fertilizer. Then place the tree in the hole so that the top of the soil level of the tree is level with the soil level of the surrounding ground. Some trees need to be planted in a raised position for drainage purposes (read below).

If it is a medium to large tree you will need to hammer a stake into the ground and tie the tree to it using a soft material tie so as not to damage the trunk of the tree when in windy conditions. It is also important not to place mulch up around the base of the trunk as this will cause rot and fungal diseases over time.

A common mistake people make when planting trees is to overwater them. This causes the roots of the tree to become water logged resulting in tree loss, particularly in the heavy clay regions of the western suburbs of Melbourne. If your soil is heavy clay it is important to plant your trees raised above the natural level of the surrounding ground. If you think you may have this problem an easy way to check is to gently lift the tree out of the hole to see if it is sitting in a pool of water. If this is the case, ease back from the water, throw a hand full of Gypsum into the hole and plant the tree in a raised position.

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