Merbau Decking: Reasons and Benefits Why It’s Worth Adding to Your Home

29 June 2020

Merbau is characterised as being a beautiful hardwood derived from the Kwila tree, it is categorised as one of timber species which can be found in different locations globally. You can easily spot the Merbau hardwood in geographical regions with tropical climates, including but not limited to – Queensland in Australia, Indo Pacific islands such as Fiji, Samoa, African locations such as Tanzania and Madagascar and even in India. The most common purpose of Merbau is primarily for flooring, decking, marine construction, outdoor furniture, music instruments, and more.

Due to its unique aesthetic value, it can be considerably liken to that of a jarrah. It has a great resilience and versatility that is unlike any other hardwood material. Aside from that, it is also termite-resistant and weatherproofed that is why it is recommended as a decking material. Below are the reasons and benefits of why it’s worth adding Merbau decking to your home.

Merbau Decking is Incomparable

Outdoor living spaces experts utilise Merbau decking due to one main reason – its beauty. Its visual appeal is incomparable to other decking materials. Also, it is a resilient material that can be at par with timber decking. And as mentioned, it is also versatile in nature because of its multiple functions and uses. Aside from it, if you compare Merbau decking with other materials – the result would tell you that it has a high resistance to termites and weathering.

Merbau Decking has an Enticing Appearance

Merbau decking is characterised by its timber hardwood distinguishable for its enticing orange golden-brown colour. It has a contrasting sapwood in a soft yellow to ivory white. These colours can still be manipulated in accordance to your needs and preferences by lightening or darkening them with oils. While these oils can improve your Merbau decking colour, it can also seal and protect your deck, consequently prolong the life of your decking. You could make use of two types of oil namely the water-based and the oil based. The Merbau decking already contains natural oils from it manufacturing so the most recommended type of oil to use is the water-based one in order to protect its visual appeal and not get in the way of your decking’s usage.

If you decide to use the water-based type of oil, the process of application for the oil in the decking will most likely take the entire day. The oil-based type, on the other hand, seep into the wood to give it a polished appeal and they are most recommended for dry wood materials. You have to take into account the colour of your Merbau decking before you proceed to the selection of the oils to use. Merbau decking can be the easiest hardwood material to lighten or darken as you please.

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