Landscaping on a Budget: Tips & Tricks from EB Landscaping Professionals

01 December 2022

Some crucial elements of creating and constructing landscapes include innovation, quality, functionality, and aesthetics. However, budget is another important consideration that can significantly impact the construction and design of landscapes.

Landscaping costs can easily reach 10% or more of the value of your home, which is sometimes not financially feasible. Moreover, while spending money on landscape design and construction can undoubtedly increase the value of your home and provide several advantages, going over your initial budget could hurt your finances. In light of this, we at EB Landscaping have put together a list of tips, suggestions, and techniques for designing creative landscapes while staying within your budget.

Initial Consultation, Planning and Design Stage

The initial consulting, planning and design phases of the landscaping process are perhaps the most crucial. To guarantee that your budget and objectives are satisfied, adequate planning and preparation are essential. Any architect or landscape designer you choose to work with should have a very thorough consultation, planning, and design process that considers your space and budget needs. It includes a free initial consultation to learn about the client’s goals and desires for their outdoor living space, a thorough project proposal with a complete cost estimate and design suggestions that fit their budget, and a reasonable construction schedule. Without question, successful planning is essential.

Lawns & Gardens Features

Because installing and maintaining grass lawns may be expensive, many of our clients choose to reduce their lawn space or replace some of it with other features. Some of our clients may also use artificial turf in place of grass, provided that it meets their functional and aesthetic needs. Hedges, bushes, and different kinds of plants are other options that you can use to add visual appeal at a reduced expense. Some suggestions are low-cost flowerbeds, hedges, young plants and mulch.

Consider Using Alternative Materials

The kind of materials you use for your landscape designs, including walkways, fences, retaining walls, decks, and more, is one of the largest budget-determining elements. Brick, stone, wood, and aluminium come in different grades and have different functional and aesthetic advantages. Here are some examples of alternate materials that you can use to keep costs down:

• Timber or Modwood Decks – While some choose real timber for their ground or elevated decks, others pick mod wood decking, which has less ongoing upkeep but still has the same appearance and functionality as timber.

• Pool & Boundary Fencing – Stone, brick, aluminium, tempered glass, and brick can all be used to make pool fencing. Timber, aluminium, or stone are frequently used in boundary fencing. Aluminium can be more affordable, while stones are frequently more pricey.

• Paved Pathways – The possibilities for pathways are numerous, vary in price, and have a variety of aesthetics, from granite and sandstone to crazy paving, asphalt, or tiles. For instance, crazy pave, which employs many stone types and sizes to produce an aesthetically pleasing geometric pattern, is more expensive than granite, and tiles or stone have a different look and feel from asphalt.

At EB Landscaping, we always present choices that, in our opinion, would satisfy the space’s functional and aesthetic needs, considering the client’s budget. We place a lot of focus on the initial consultation and design stage so that you are fully informed before construction starts. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work with you to design and construct the ideal landscape within your price range.

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