How to Choose the Right Kind of Plants for Your Landscape

28 August 2020

Landscaping is not an easy feat to embark on. There is so much to consider in trying to beautify your outdoor living space. One of the most important factors in creating the best landscape for your home is choosing the right kind of plants. For some, choosing which plants to incorporate to their landscape is solely based on aesthetics. What they don’t know is it’s so much more than that. Read on below to find out the best plant selection methods for your landscape.

Vine Plants

Vine plants are versatile and visually appealing. You could choose them if you want your landscape to have a vigorous aura. However, vine plants could be a bit invasive in terms of space. This must be taken into consideration especially if you want a low-maintenance landscape.

Garden Shrubs

Shrubs come in different varieties namely flowering shrubs, autumn-coloured shrubs, fast-growing shrubs, and evergreen shrubs. If you decide to choose garden shrubs, you must take into account its placement proximity with the house. You could have garden shrubs as foundation plants since they never seem to move out of place, significantly reducing the need for maintenance. As an added benefit, they also look and smell good.

Foliage Plants

Foliage plants are often known as ground covers. Although they are not actually floral in nature, their leaves make up for it. They don’t just act as a beautiful coverage for your landscape. Their abundance could double up as a soil erosion prevention.

Other Factors

There are other considerations in plant selection aside from the abovementioned ones. Where you want to start matters the most since there may be limitations to what you can incorporate. For instance, if you live in an area where you might have to deal with pests and insects, you should take note of the right kind of plants for that. Another things is the climate. You should ask yourself if your landscape will be exposed to sunlight in varying amounts and intensity. Aside from that, you should also assess the soil makeup of your landscape, noting if it is salt-laden due to its proximity in coastal areas.

There are endless possibilities in plant selection. Make it a habit to enumerate your favourite varieties since you don’t have to incorporate everything you want and need all at the same time. You can add them as you go on, adjusting every now and then in a manner that is pleasing and not all time and effort consuming. You can also hire a landscape design and construction company such as EB Landscaping to help you with your plant selection. We are fully insured and have 18 years of experience in the industry. We only use top quality materials, products and suppliers – we do not compromise on quality. Our aim is to operate ethically, professionally and efficiently to make good on our clients’ dream gardens.

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