How EB Landscaping Utilises Mini Excavators

09 June 2022

If you are wondering how EB Landscaping utilises a mini excavator, read on to get more insight on how EB Landscaping uses this machine for.

Pool Digging

A mini excavatoris being utilised by EB Landscaping in their pool digging. For swimming pool projects that involve digging and excavation, a mini excavator is being used to get the work done more efficiently and promptly. Pool digging can be laborious because of the concern for narrow spaces but with the help of a mini excavator, it helps lessen the burden of maneuvering into those tight spaces.

Create Holes for Tree Planting, Retaining Walls, and Pergola Posts

For landscaping projects, EB Landscaping is also required to plant trees during the landscaping process. So, in creating some holes for tree planting, EB landscaping utilises a mini excavator to do the digging well. The mini excavator is also perfect for digging holes for projects that involve retaining walls and pergola posts. Since these installations require great depths, using a mini excavator is the perfect device for the digging part.

Concrete Prep

EB Landscaping also utilises a mini excavator in performing their concrete preparation. Preparing the concrete is a vital priming factor that needs to be done in the right way and with the help of a mini excavator, it is achievable.

For Old Turf Removal

A mini excavator is also being utilised for removing old turf. Resorting to manual digging is very time-consuming. So, to make the work easier and quicker, EB Landscaping uses a mini excavator to finish the turf removal faster.

Make Trenches for Pipes and Electrical Cables

One of the most common uses of a mini excavator is for digging trenches. That is why EB Landscaping utilises them to make trenches for pipes and electrical cables. A mini excavator is great for doing utility work in an area with narrow spaces and maneuvering can be difficult. So, EB Landscaping often uses a mini excavator for their utility job in places where navigating is very challenging and has narrow points of access.

For the Demolition Works

Some projects involve demolition works. For the demolition of some structures, EB Landscaping uses a mini excavator to demolish and destroy the small structures and make the task hassle-free. A mini excavator is the best equipment for demolition works. They can perform several demolition jobs as well as clearing lots, and knocking down structures and trees to get the job done effectively.

For Digging Foundations for Brick Walls

EB Landscaping likewise utilises a mini excavator for digging foundations for brick walls. While other construction firms still use the old-fashioned shovelling, EB landscaping has already upgraded to utilizing a mini excavator to speed up the digging and complete the project faster.

Ripping Hard Clay For Garden or Turf Preparation

The ideal equipment to use for ripping hard clay for your garden or turf preparation is a mini excavator. Hence, for deep ripping hard clay, EB Landscaping utilises a mini excavator for breaking up heavy clay for garden and turf preparation.

For complete landscaping service, we, at EB Landscaping have the manpower, expertise and machinery to complete large scale jobs within tight timelines. We aim to operate ethically, professionally and efficiently to make good on our clients’ dream gardens.

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