22 August 2019

Excavation and earthmoving is a vital part of any landscaping project. Getting the right people and machinery to cut in levels to ensure water drains freely from the property to the correct areas is the first thing to consider. The right amount of fall away from the house will prevent expensive structural problems in the future for the concrete slab and frame of the house. Trenches for agi or pit drains may need to be dug prior to any cosmetic work is completed also. EB Landscaping has the right knowhow and machinery to complete all of these tasks, even when there is as little as 800mm access to the back yard. Our 1T mini excavator on rubber tracks not only gets through the tight places but will also leave little imprint on the property (such as establish lawns). Then again, if there is 1.4m access and there needs to be some serious earthworks take place out 2 T bobcat has it covered. It can dig the toughest clay and move it off property in breakneck speed. It can even remove large rocks and concrete if needed. Driveway and concrete pathways around the house can also be easily managed by our bobcat and mini excavator.

When trenches or holes need to be dug it is essential that all services are located prior to excavation. Ruptured optic fibre cables, gas mains and power are not only expensive to repair but can be dangerous. EB Landscaping will obtain a dial b4 dig if necessary or use their experience to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Digging holes for decks or trenches for concrete strip footings for retaining walls are easily achieved with our 1T excavator and augur attachment. We have all aspects of the job covered at EB Landscaping.

Soil removal is also an important aspect to consider in the earthmoving department. Many people grossly underestimate how much soil will need to be moved off the property once excavation has commenced. In fact, we guarantee on our quotes exactly how much needs to come off and how much it will cost. Others may surprise you halfway through the job with an extra cost for removing excess soil (which they know you will pay because your landscaping cannot commence if this soil remains on property). EB Landscaping has also sourced the cheapest waste disposal options in Melbourne, covering all aspects of waste management, including green waste, concrete, timber, building rubble, soil, etc.

Finally, once everything is cleared, dug, trenched and scraped, the beautification process begins which usually requires bulk product to be transported back onto the property such as soil, mulch and pebble. EB Landscaping has all of this covered with our mini loader, bobcat, mini excavator and tip truck.

We have been serving the western suburbs of Melbourne for over 20 years now and look forward to further opportunities to continue working hard for our clients in the future.

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