Elevate Your Poolside and Backyard with These Landscaping Ideas

12 December 2022

How your pool is designed with the rest of your landscape may make or break the area. A modest backyard might look more attractive and appealing with the addition of the ideal swimming pool, but the landscaping is perhaps more crucial to the overall impact of the space. Over the years, we’ve transformed numerous old pools with terrible appearances using creative and well-thought-out landscaping.

If your pool is holding back your backyard or you want to design your ideal pool and garden, EB Landscaping is here to help. Landscaping is a terrific method to improve your pool and backyard. Here are some wonderful poolside landscaping ideas that could help elevate your poolside and backyard.

A Water Feature Addition Sounds Right

A swimming pool can benefit greatly from the addition of water features, which can enhance the ambience of your backyard. They’re particularly popular with kids, but the appropriate water feature can charm everyone. We advise selecting a pool-based water feature that is either understated or in line with the pool’s surrounding aesthetic because it can be simple for them to come off as tacky. It is one of the most well-liked pool landscaping ideas because who doesn’t adore a beautiful waterfall by their swimming pool?

Achieve a Resort-Like Vibe with the Right Planting

Your pool area can be beautiful and eye-catching if the proper plants are added. The key to selecting species for a poolside area is to seek resilient plants that don’t often drop a lot of debris and complement the design theme you’ve chosen for the area. Frangipani, viburnum suspensum, star jasmine, agave, echeveria, and mondo grass are a few of our favourite poolside plants. The right planting around your pool is a terrific way to provide colour and shade to the area. Even the smallest pool will attract attention.

Consider Adding Sun Deck and Built-In Seating

Pool areas often seem empty and uninviting, especially at their ends. The environment can be more attractive by including built-in seating, a sun terrace, or a wall adjacent to one of its ends. Poolside seating is necessary if your pool and outside spaces are not completely integrated. Whatever your budget, it’s imperative to include poolside seats in the landscape.

The Lighting Can Make the Difference

Keep lighting in mind when you plan your new backyard and pool! Lighting can make the difference between an area used infrequently and being a charming nighttime addition to your house. Our advice is to concentrate on the important landmarks and trails in the area. Along with the pool itself, illuminate any water features, decorative trees, and seating areas. Make sure to illuminate any steps or hazards as well.

Give the area a clean-up before deciding which upgrades would best enhance your swimming pool area. Sweep and clean the pool deck, rake and mow the lawn, remove any dead plants from the area, and pick out any weeds in the current landscaping. It will make it much simpler for you to develop a notion of what to add to the area and express your demands to a landscaping expert like EB Landscaping, who can assist in realising your vision.

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