Drainage Problems

01 July 2019

Some people have considerable drainage problems around their house if they are a low lying property with all other surrounding housing discharging run off onto their property. Occasionally the contour of the block can unfortunately have run off settling at the base of the house slab, resulting in movement in the ground and cracking plaster on internal walls.

There are many things you can do to ensure your property is water tight during wet conditions. Grated strip drains can collect water and discharge to the nearest storm water outlet. Agi pipes can capture run off as well and discharge the water into a silt pit (deep hole filled with scoria) if a storm water outlet is not available.

Retaining walls can be built to change the contour of the block, draining water away from the house to settle in garden beds where plants can take full advantage. Pit drains can be added into the landscape of the yard to catch water that has be channeled towards the drain.

It is important to attend to these problems before they get too big and expensive to fix.

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