Discover the 7 Advantages of Laying Synthetic Turf

27 July 2022

If you have been envisioning having a green and vibrant space that you can enjoy all year round and does not require maintenance, opting for artificial turf is the perfect choice for you if you are one of those people who have a busy lifestyle. Read on to discover more about the 7 advantages of laying synthetic turf.


One of the advantages of synthetic turf is it does not require constant watering like natural turf. With this, water usage is reduced thus, you can save on your monthly water bills. It also does not require you to spend on fertilisers, lawn shears, lawnmowers, and pesticides to maintain it. Which makes it more cost-effective than natural turf.

No Fertilisers Required

Synthetic turfs do not need fertilisers and direct sunlight to stay fresh and look amazing in your garden. The elimination of fertilisers and pesticides helps mitigate ground pollution and keeps your garden chemical-free.


Another advantage of laying synthetic turfs is they are highly durable and long-lasting. Synthetic turfs have a life expectancy of fifteen years. It can withstand regular wear and tear and any harsh weather conditions, therefore, ensuring longevity.


Laying synthetic turf lessens your worry about injuries since it is very safe for your children and pet to play around. Synthetic turs are very child-friendly and pet friendly with the elimination of harmful chemicals that are used in making pesticides. They are also allergen-free and pollen-free, unlike natural turf which can cause allergies for you and your children.

Ideal for Recreational Areas

Synthetic turfs are ideal for recreational areas like your patio, backyard garden, and tennis court. Their extreme durability makes them an ideal turf choice for areas with high foot traffic and likewise, they are very resistant to regular wear and tear caused by high volumes of foot traffic from daily use.

Maintenance Free

One of the most significant advantages of laying synthetic turf over using natural turf, is they require no maintenance. They are very easy to maintain. When you see the presence of debris, you may just a blower or a brush to remove it. Thorough cleaning using water and detergent is not required to eliminate the dirt. Laying synthetic turf can be a game-changer for people with busy schedules like you. Synthetic turf will look aesthetically pleasing all year round despite minimal to no maintenance. You will continue to have a green and tidy space all year round without the need to be watered, mowed, and fertilised. Hence, more time is spent enjoying your turf.

Offers Flexible Design Options 

Laying synthetic turf is as good as the real turf. It offers flexible design options, unlike a natural turf which allows you to have a beautiful lawn cut according to your space and preference. Synthetic turfs offer a wide range of pile, colour, length, texture, and design options to accommodate any customisation and style choices. They are also very versatile which makes them an ideal choice not just for gardens but also for play areas, roof terraces, and balconies.

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