Common Types of Natural Turf that You Can Use for Your Lawn

25 March 2022

One of the first things you need to know when you want to improve your yard is to think about the type of turf you want. The first thing you need to determine is whether the grass variety works well with your location and your needs.

To help you decide on the perfect grass type for your property we list 6 common varieties available in Australia.

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass

This variety is the first choice when it comes to premium Buffalo lawn types of grass. It is known for its hardiness and ability to withstand all weather conditions. It is also capable of growing in all climates and soils. The grass blade is a soft broadleaf that is durable and weed resistant.

This grass is shade tolerant and does not need sunlight at all times. This grass is easy to install and does not need additional care right after planting. It is drought tolerant and ideal for rural properties. It is soft and ideal for areas where children and pets play.

TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda

This is a fine leaf variety of the Bermuda family. It grows densely and is ideal for sports ovals, community parks and areas with high traffic. This is the ideal option when you need a fine leaf lawn. It has a dark green look and maintains its rich colour longer.

Nullarbor Couch

This turf is tough and durable and looks its best when short. You can see this grass on golf fairways. It does well in areas of high wear and needs a great deal of sunshine. It is a fine leafed grass and thrives on sun and heat. It is low maintenance but will get thirsty in summer.

Eureka Kikuyu

The kikuyu looks best when it is longer at about 25 to 50mm. It is tough and durable as it tolerates dry summer weather well. This variety is also self-repairing and works well where there are pets. It does not attract pests or diseases.

RTF Tall Fescue

RTF is a dark green grass variety that self-repairs. It is soft to walk. This grass grows in cooler climates and works in both sun and shade. The deep-rooted grass helps it tolerate drought better than other cool-climate grasses. However, it does need good watering to remain green throughout the year and is known for its aesthetic looks in both commercial and home use.

Sir Grange Zeon Zoysia

It is a fine leaf grass that does well in both sun and shade and has nice drought tolerance. It was developed in Australia through careful research and testing. This grass variety does well in Australian climates and is very versatile.

Sir Grange is ideal for people who want minimal maintenance and do not intend to weed or spray the lawn frequently.


Regardless of the type of grass, all turf options we sell come with a warranty which gives you peace of mind. We back our turf because we only choose rugged, tough turf options that give exceptional looks throughout the year.

Bermuda is an incredibly hardy turf, as long as it gets enough sunlight. Bermuda turf needs full sun to minimal shade for 5+ hours per day. Bermuda will not grow if it does not receive enough sunlight.


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