22 August 2019

Excavation and earthmoving is a vital part of any landscaping project. Getting the right people and machinery to cut in levels to ensure water drains freely from the property to the correct areas is the first thing to consider. The right amount of fall away from the house will prevent expensive structural problems in the future for the concrete slab and frame of the house. Trenches for agi or pit drains may need to be dug prior to any cosmetic work is completed also. EB Landscaping has the right knowhow and machinery to complete all of these tasks, even when […]

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Important Qualifications of a Landscaping Contractor in Australia

20 August 2019

It is important to you that your home looks nice inside and outside. You may want to hire someone to keep your yard looking attractive. If you hire a landscape contractor in Australia, you will want to be sure that they have the necessary qualifications to perform the various tasks that are important to maintain your yard. Many landscape contractors in Australia have extensive experience in different aspects of creating beautiful outdoor spaces. Training and Experience A landscape contractor in Australia might spend one to six years in training. They might take classes related to landscaping at a university. Prospective […]

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Install Timber Decks to Transform a Backyard Area to a Functional Space

07 August 2019

Backyards are ideal places to cultivate gardens, let the children play freely, allow the pets to run at will and entertain groups of people. The latter is easier, though, when you install a timber deck. This deck lets you create seating arrangements, hang lights and have other features suitable for a festive gathering. Also, the family can hang out and read, eat or socialise easier on the deck than they can in a grassy yard. Decks Provide a Durable Surface to the Backyard The timber decks provide a hardwearing surface to backyards. Chairs, loungers and other outdoor furniture sit firmly […]

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Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf for a Landscaping Project

17 July 2019

Artificial turf has become popular among home and commercial property owners who live or own property in locations where seasonal droughts or very dry periods are common during the year, especially during the spring and summer months. Use of artificial turf for their lawns and surrounding grounds provides attractive curb appeal. It also offers comfortable and appealing outdoor space for enjoyment by family, friends, neighbours and pets. Artificial turf is durable and easily maintained in children’s play areas as well, offering soft, resilient surfaces for playing sports and outdoor games. Major Benefits of Artificial Turf Installation for Landscaping Projects Primary […]

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Professional Landscaping Specialists in Melbourne: Hire the Right One for Your Dream Garden

02 July 2019

When engaging the services of professional landscaping experts in Melbourne, you want to ensure that the end result will be a beautifully designed, luxurious dream garden, and healthy outdoor living space. As an extension of your home interiors, your landscaped garden construction may involve such specific services such as decking, paving, natural or synthetic turf laying, bobcat and dingo digger work, water tank and irrigation system installation; retaining wall construction, fencing and gate installation. Desirable decorative accessories may include gravel nature strips, screens and espalier as well as the placement of veggie and flower planting boxes. As a homeowner, you […]

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