01 July 2019

How do you eradicate weeds completely? You can’t! But you can make it tough for weeds to grow on your property. There are a number of things you can do to battle the constant invasion. Weed infestations usually come from seeds that blow into your garden that reach the soil in between grass blades, pebbles, mulch, cracks in the concrete, gaps between pavers, etc. There can be creeping weeds, that once have become established infest garden beds and lawn areas as well. It is vital to get to weeds before they take a hold! Too many people let weeds go […]

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Turf Varieties and Mowing Advice

Turf Varieties There are 2 types of turf on the market which can be classified into warm and cold season grasses. Generally speaking, the warm season grasses thrive in full sun (part shade) and require less watering during the warmer months. During the cooler months this variety will go into a dormant state which can sometimes mean a slight yellowing of the colour. This variety includes Sir Walter, Kings Pride, Santa Anna couch and Kikuyu. The colder season grasses thrive in cooler conditions and remain a lush green through the entire year. However, they do require a considerable amount of […]

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Staining Decks

Once you have built your deck it is advised to leave it for 4-6 weeks to weather before staining or oiling. This will allow the tannin to leak out (blood coloured liquid). This process can be sped up by watering the boards with a hose. There are many stains and oils on the market, including clear oils (a bit like the old linseed cricket bat oil) and water and oil based stains. The clear oils are cheaper but this product will need to be applied every 3-6 months as it weathers more easily. The stains tend to soak in and […]

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Planting Trees

The first thing you should do isread the instructions on the label attached to the tree. There is important information regarding the conditions the tree requires for healthy growth, including sun exposure, mulching and soil requirements. The standard procedure for planting any tree is to dig the hole to 1.5 times the depth and width of the pot, back fill with some good quality soil and some fertilizer. Then place the tree in the hole so that the top of the soil level of the tree is level with the soil level of the surrounding ground. Some trees need to […]

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Laying and Fertilising Turf

You will need to clear the natural ground of building rubble and excavate if the slope of the land falls back to your house – ideally the rain run off needs to flow away from the building. It is also important if you are installing sprinklers that there is conduit PVC 90mm pipe placed adjacent to your taps under andy concrete paths. All edging, fencing and paths (any hard scaping) needs to be completed before turf is installed. Once the initial preparation has been completed, a 70-90mm layer of good quality soil needs to be leveled across the surface. A […]

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