Benefits of Turf Grass for Your Lawn

20 November 2020

Every homeowner wants a beautiful green lawn, but for some property owners, it can be tough deciding on the best method to achieve a lush landscape. They can either opt for natural and synthetic turf, unto which have their respective advantages and disadvantages. As a result, homeowners have found it difficult to weigh their options. Below are the benefits of turf grass for your lawn, be it natural and artificial, to help you decide on which option to select.

Natural Turf Grass Improves Air Quality

Despite any concerns about water usage in regards to natural grass, natural grass lawns have their benefits. Since the grass is natural, the lawn can improve the quality of air through purification. This is done through the breaking down of airborne pollutants in the soil, which is captured by the grass blades.

Natural Turf Grass Reduces Runoff

Implementing a natural turf into your outdoor living space could be done by seeding the area or laying down sod. Sod is a grass that is pre-grown by farmers and comes in rolls. Depending on the amount of effort you want to put into the lawn, sod may be the best option. Other environmental benefits of natural lawns are the generation of oxygen, improvement of soil quality, reduction of runoff, and cooling of the surrounding area.

Artificial Turf Grass Provides Attractive Curb Appeal

Artificial turf has become popular among home and commercial property owners who live or own property in locations where seasonal droughts or very dry periods are common during the year, especially during the spring and summer months. Use of artificial turf for their lawns and surrounding grounds provides attractive curb appeal. It also offers a comfortable and appealing outdoor space for enjoyment by family, friends, neighbours and pets. Artificial turf is durable and easily maintained in children’s play areas as well, offering soft, resilient surfaces for playing sports and outdoor games.

Artificial Turf Grass is Low Maintenance

With attractive and practical artificial grass installed in your home or commercial building lawn areas, you will not have monthly lawn grooming and upkeep expenses. Also, artificial turf can be replaced more easily and quickly, at a much lower cost than you can replant grass seeds or nurture fresh sod. Slightly-used artificial turf can also be repurposed for use on dog runs or walking paths for practical cost-savings.

Choosing between natural and artificial turf grass can be a hassle. Lucky for you, EB Landscaping can take care of that. We only use top quality materials, products and suppliers since we do not compromise on quality. We aim to operate ethically, professionally and efficiently to make good on our clients’ dream gardens.


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