Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf for a Landscaping Project

17 July 2019

Artificial turf has become popular among home and commercial property owners who live or own property in locations where seasonal droughts or very dry periods are common during the year, especially during the spring and summer months. Use of artificial turf for their lawns and surrounding grounds provides attractive curb appeal. It also offers comfortable and appealing outdoor space for enjoyment by family, friends, neighbours and pets. Artificial turf is durable and easily maintained in children’s play areas as well, offering soft, resilient surfaces for playing sports and outdoor games.

Major Benefits of Artificial Turf Installation for Landscaping Projects

Primary benefits of installing artificial turf for landscaping projects today include the following:

• Year-round Attractiveness. – Artificial turf is desirable for landscaping projects because its beautiful lush green colour and attractiveness are permanent. When you choose to install artificial turf for your home lawn areas or on the grounds surrounding your commercial building or apartment complex, you can be assured of having healthy-looking, highly appealing grass throughout the year. Without the need of constant mowing, watering, fertilising or replanting, your grass will retain its luxurious, colourful appearance, even during extreme weather conditions.

• Eco-Friendly Features. – Once it is installed, your artificial grass will not need maintenance using gas or electric-fueled lawn care equipment. By merely sweeping your lawn periodically with a broom, you will get rid of any accumulated dirt, dust or debris. Also, artificial turf will never need the application of chemical fertilisers or pesticides, many of which contain toxins that may harm people, animals and the environment. Recycled artificial grass is also available, which reduces the need for newly manufactured faux-turf.

• Cost-Effective Benefits. – With attractive and practical artificial grass installed in your home or commercial building lawn areas, you will not have monthly lawn grooming and upkeep expenses. In addition, artificial turf can be replaced more easily and quickly, at a much lower cost than you can replant grass seeds or nurture fresh sod. Partially worn artificial turf can also be repurposed for use on dog runs or walking paths for practical cost-savings.

By contacting the experts at EB Landscaping serving Melbourne and all surrounding regions, you can obtain excellent advice and finest quality artificial turf plus installation services for your current landscaping project. Whether you need attractive, practical, cost-efficient and eco-friendly artificial grass for your residential or commercial lawn areas, we will provide you with an optimal quality product and solution. Our experienced pros will guide you to selecting the ideal type of attractive and durable synthetic turf to meet and surpass all of your landscaping preferences and needs.

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